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Paste Jewellery


Paste is jewellery set with glass or crystal crafted to look as good as the real thing ! The workmanship was the same quality and the best paste was made during 18th and Early 19th Century when the stones were set with a closed back and foil placed under the stone for brilliance.

Jewellery set with precious stones were usually family heirlooms and was often copied exactly in paste so when the family travelled to grand functions or to the party season in London, they would only take the paste pieces and safeguard their heritage.  This is why the quality of early paste craftsmanship was as skilled and detailed as that of precious jewellery, so much so it has become a collectors item.

Paste was later used in the early 20th Century as a statement of its own with the Paris Fashion houses making very collectable pieces using this medium .

If you have any questions or would like to purchase any of these pieces, please contact me here

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