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Mourning Jewellery


Death has been represented since time began - from Egyptian death masks to present day diamond skulls – all revere a very important event in all our lives. The 17th and 18th Century were rather macabre in their memorials using skulls, skeletons and skull and crossbones in jewellery which would be worn by the immediate family of the bereaved during the official mourning period. 

Later in the 18th Century, rings in gold with names and death date were made for all the family in black enamel if the person was married or white if they were unmarried. The ring could sometime be set with gems or foiled backed paste and were treasured by the family.

Sepia pictures showing urns and weeping relatives, were made into rings, pendants and clasps, occasionally embellished with a sentimental saying  such as‘ Children Weep, Heaven Rejoices’. or “ Not lost but gone before”

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